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What Is Battery Sound Notification App « Indiansbit

Hello friends, this article today is going to be very beneficial for you because in today’s article we will tell you what is the Battery Sound Notification App and how it works, so friends if you also want to know what is this and how it does work then read this article carefully from starting to end.

What Is Battery Sound Notification App

What Is Battery Sound Notification App

Friends Battery Sound Notification App is a very good app by which you can know the status of your battery, like if your Battery is full then it will give you a notification that your Battery is full, It gives notifications even if your Battery is Discharged and even if your phone has Low Battery, it gives you a sound notification, similarly friends.

This is a very good app for mobile battery, if you want to give this notification when your mobile battery is 95%, then you can also enable this notification by going to Settings, so whenever your Phone Battery will be 95% it will gives u a sound notification. Notification is in in different sounds like you can select any music and if you want that it gives you notification in any different way so you can go to the setting and text what you want set on your notification Sound.

Features and Benefits

  • Persistent service :- Background service Auto start on boot and after updates.
  • Custom sound notification:- you can choose any audio file.
  • Custom battery percentage
  • Text to speech
  • Easy to use
  • Notification sound repetition

Option :-

  • Battery Full
  • Battery Low
  • Battery Charging
  • Battery Discharging
  • Battery Plugged
  • Battery Unplugged

But friends, to use all these features, it is necessary to have an internet connection in your mobile phone.Text to speech does not work without Internet Connection.

How To Download Battery Sound Notification App

You can download this app by clicking on the download button below. Your downloading will start when you click on the download button. After downloading the app, you have to ON unknown sources on your mobile, then you will be able to install this on your mobile.

How Does It Work

Friends, this app is a very good app for your mobile phone battery, so let us tell you how this app works.

Friends Battery Sound Notification app tells you about the status of your mobile phone battery.Such as Battery Full, Battery Low, Battery Charging, Battery Discharge, Battery plugged, Battery unplugged, it gives a sound notification for everyone.If you want to know the status of your battery, it is not necessary that you use your mobile phone ringtone or any notification tone, if you want to tell it by speaking, then you go to its settings If you can text, it will say on the battery notification of your mobile phone that you have set in the text .The name of this feature is text-to-speech that you will write, it will speak.

So friends, now you must have known what is the Battery Sound Notification app and how it works. We told you about it in full detail. This app is a very beneficial app for your mobile battery.Download it and take advantage of it.You will get this app easily from your Google Play Store app, you can install it easily by going there.


Hope you have liked this article of ours today, through this article today we gave you all the information about battery sound notifications App.Friends, if you liked this article, then share it with your friends as well and tell it by commenting in the comment box below.

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