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Adaway App Features & Download Link « Indiansbit

Hello friends, this article today is going to be very Beneficial for you because in this article today we are going to tell you about AdAway App and how it does work. So friends if you also want to know about this then read this article carefully from starting to end.

Friends, if you are also using a smartphone, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you, today we will bring you an app through which you Can block all adds which are coming at that time when you are using your Mobile phone.So friends, let’s know about this app without delay.

What is AdAway

Friends this is a free open source ad blocker for Android.This application is available for rooted and non – rooted devices. AdAway is an ad blocking tool which blocks any pop- up that appears while you are browsing on your Android device the application also allows you to choose the host file from your device.

Friends you can create a white list of websites to which you can add acceptation if you want of course you can also add more hosts to your block list if you want, too. AdAway is an excellent tool for blocking ads and although it isn’t available we are Google Play Store.

How Does it Work

Friends AdAway uses the host file to block hostnames, that serve advertisements.It resists any popups that appear while browsing on your Android device. This application also lets you choose a host file from your device.

when you first open the app the prompt will ask root permission just tap OK to grant access.

  • First you have to press the download files and apply ad blocking button the app will download and apply host file then ad blocking will start.
  • After that when applying was successfully you will get a pop-up to reboot your phone it is not really necessary it is your decision to reboot it or not.
  • Now you can scan for ad aware from the menu.
  • You can use this app to white Blacklist host files and you can also add your host files to the blocking list.

When the process will be complete for that then all websites ad will be successfully blocked.

How to Download It?

Friends AdAway is not available on Google Play Store it was removed by Google due to violation of section 4.4 of the developer distribution agreement. You can install it from F-droid. Also you can get the app from the third party app store. The advantage of downloading it from an App Store is easy and timely updates.

So friends, you must have known well what is AdAway and how it works and how to download it.This is very beneficial for your Mobile phone With the help of this app, your phone runs in good speed and does not even hang.


Hope you have liked the information given through this article today, in this article, we have told you in full detail about the ad application, how it works and what it is and its benefits. So friends, if you liked the information given by this post, then share it with your friends too and after commenting in the comment box below, please tell.

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